The Bomin Group

Bomin is a world leading independent physical supplier and trader of marine fuels and lubricants, committed to helping ship owners and operators adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing market.

As part of the Mabanaft Group, all bunker activities within the Mabanaft Bunkering business unit comprise the Bomin Group with its companies and Matrix Marine, as well as NWB Nord- und Westdeutsche Bunker.


The Bomin Group has been active in the bunker business for over 40 years via its subsidiaries and is one of the leading traders and suppliers of bunker oil. The business portfolio covers activities ranging from the supply of bunker fuels to lubricants and other services to the shipping industry. Bomin operates around the globe with more than 100 employees at 11 locations worldwide. Bomin is 100% owned by Mabanaft.

The company has a presence in all major bunkering hubs across the Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia-Pacific.

We have invested significantly in ensuring that our global infrastructure and resources are designed to deliver for our customers. Bomin has a fleet of more than 20 owned, and chartered high quality bunker barges, as well as storage capacity at major bunkering hubs around the world. With complete control of the fuel supply chain from order through to final delivery, we ensure quality, quantity, flexibility and compliance, and maximise operational and cost efficiencies for our customers.

Matrix Marine

The Bomin Group is active in the bunker business with Matrix Marine and other partners: Matrix Bharat in Singapore and India, and Matrix Marine Fuels in Singapore.

Matrix Marine Fuels offers physical delivery services in Singapore based on its own MPA (Maritime and Port Authority) approved bunker license. Matrix Bharat Pte. Ltd. (MXB) is a joint venture between Matrix Marine Fuels Pte. Ltd., Singapore, and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., India’s second largest PSU oil refining and marketing company (

NWB Nord- und Westdeutsche Bunker

NWB Nord- und Westdeutsche Bunker was established in 1967 and has been a dynamic, customer-oriented quality supplier of marine fuels (gasoil and diesel) as well as brand-name lubricants, ever since. In September 2004, the company was integrated into the Bomin Group. NWB supplies customers from the German coastal and inland shipping sectors via its existing bunker network. The company currently has eight own bunker barges available along the national waterways and in the north German seaports to handle the delivery of the products.

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