Strategic Approach


To be the global partner of choice for fuelling the vessels that transport the world's cargo and passengers.


Through our energy, integrity and know-how, we enable our customers to thrive in an ever-changing market.

Increased MARPOL Annex VI regulation and pressures on sustainability are creating significant complexities, and more risks that threaten the efficiency and profitability of operations for the majority of ship owners and operators.  At Bomin, we understand the full impact of the changing nature of the marine fuel supply chain.  And we are committed to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers to help them not just manage this transition, but thrive.

With a complete understanding of our customers’ businesses, we will work in partnership with them to develop and implement a fuel supply solution that meets the precise needs of their fleets and operations; that ensures compliance, that is cost effective, that maximizes efficiencies. Our people – at every one of our global locations - will work tirelessly, and seamlessly, as one team, to deliver as much value as possible from fuel supply into our customers’ operations.


At Bomin our priorities are to our people, our customers and our partners. By establishing a common culture built on strong and meaningful values and behaviours, we have created a working environment, in which all our employees can thrive and develop; where they are focused and driven, as one global team, to deliver excellence for our customers, from the strategic counsel that they provide, to the quality of services and products that we supply. Our key priorities are: 

  • We operate a clean and profitable business.
  • We focus on delivering world-wide solutions for our customers.
  • Our supply is competitive and reliable wherever we operate.
  • We remain cost-effective at all times.
  • Our processes allow us to manage our business risks. 
  • We always adhere to our Code of Conduct


Our values define our company and our brand; it’s our DNA, and what makes us different. They represent what we stand for and what we believe in. They act as a barometer for decision-making; how we conduct business, and how we engage with our customers, our partners, as well as our colleagues.

We deliver energy into every part of our customers’ operations. Not only in the products and services we supply, but also in how we do it:

  • With dynamism in every interaction and engagement, and a fundamental commitment to doing everything we can to deliver value for our customers;
  • By continually challenging the status quo to deliver tangible benefits;
  • By working tirelessly to make our customers’ lives easier, and their businesses more profitable.

Our partnerships with our customers are founded on trust. They know we provide the highest quality products and services, but also that we are committed to conducting business in the right way.  We have spent 40 years building a reputation based on living up to the highest standards within our industry; from our products, our commercial relationships, health and safety, to how we treat our people and all those connected with Bomin.  We are a truly sustainable business in every way.

In a changing market, with added complexity and uncertainty, it is our knowledge and intelligence that sets us apart. We pride ourselves on knowing every facet of our market, but also understanding our customers’ businesses; their priorities, their challenges, their values and their beliefs. Combining this enables us to provide meaningful insights, and developing solutions that genuinely make a difference.

Energy at Work!

For Bomin, “delivering energy” is not just based on the products that we provide...  more