Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE)

Safeguarding health, safety, security and environmental protection is a priority for us.

In our HSSE Policy, we commit to preventing all accidents, injuries and occupational illness, and to protect the environment. We therefore continually optimize all of our subsidiaries’ activities with a view to technical, organizational and behavior-based safety and promote a proactive safety culture.

The corporate Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) Department in Hamburg develops guidelines and minimum requirements for all subsidiaries. Targets are set and the performance is benchmarked to achieve continuous improvement. 

One significant measure is the creation of comprehensive HSSE manuals that are specifically tailored to the respective operating units – and based on which the sites develop appropriate local management systems.

Transporting petroleum products in any of its forms by ship always includes the risk of accidental product releases and subsequent environmental damage. The Mabanaft Ship Charter Policy ensures the safe shipping at all times and strict adherence to the ever changing regulations and requirements of the international tanker shipping world. Special attention has to be given to the quality of the chartered ships with regard to various acceptance criteria. RightShip is a commercial ship vetting specialist offering the world’s most comprehensive online risk management system. Based on RightShip’s generic Ship Vetting Information System (SVIS) a customized platform for Mabanaft was developed to check the available information against the Mabanaft ship acceptance criteria.

A central tool for learning from incidents is a global incident reporting system. To prevent incidents and their reoccurrence, all accidents and incidents are logged and systematically analyzed. If necessary, HSSE alerts are created, distributed to the relevant sites and discussed with our employees.  

To monitor compliance with our internal standards, internal HSSE audits are performed and detailed HSSE statistics are analyzed. 

A further central point of our effort to conduct our business activities in a safe, healthy and environment-friendly manner is the training and education of our employees. New employees as well as visitors are instructed in matters of HSSE before taking up their work or their visit.

HSSE Policy

We are committed to performing all business activities in a safe and efficient manner... more