Bomin understands the significant transition within the offshore market, and has decades of experience supplying all areas of the sector, including oil and gas, wind power, and dredging.

We know that operational efficiencies and reliability are fundamental to efficient and cost-effective operations. From flexible payment terms, to risk management and outsourcing, we use our global physical infrastructure and market experience to personally tailor our fuel supply solutions to each of our offshore customers.

Through our control of the marine fuel supply chain, Bomin Offshore delivers customized bunker solutions worldwide. From products in Bomin-controlled storage, to delivery via our fleet of barges, we can provide complete bunker supply solutions in multiple global locations, including in regions with limited bunker supply infrastructure. We also provide expert counsel regarding local legal and regulatory challenges.

With the backing of the Marquard & Bahls Group and its sister companies, as well as our global infrastructure, Bomin Offshore is the perfect partner for larger offshore projects in a changing and challenging market.

To find out more about Bomin’s offshore capabilities, and how we can support the strategic alignment of your business, please contact the Global Trading Team in Hamburg.