For over 40 years, Bomin has built a reputation of integrity and trust, delivering services that meet the increasing challenges that ship owners and operators face.

In a rapidly changing market, Bomin works in partnership with our customers to provide fuel supply solutions in line with the specific needs of their individual vessels and fleets, ensuring quality, quantity and compliance, and maximising operational and cost efficiencies.


Physical Supply

With state-of-the-art storage infrastructure and owned or chartered bunker barges, Bomin takes complete control of the fuel supply process from order through to delivery...  more


Global Trading

Through our global sales offices, in-depth industry knowledge, financial strength, and established and trusted relationships with local suppliers, we are always available and work around the clock to ensure our customers receive all grades of quality products in any location, at the best possible prices, and on the best possible terms...  more



Bomin understands the significant transition in the offshore market with specialist knowledge of the growth in wind power and developments in dredging and other offshore activities...  more


Other Services

In a rapidly changing and volatile market, ship owners and operators need counsel to manage risk, and to develop the best fuel procurement strategy for their businesses, fleets and trading routes...  more