Many of our facilities store or handle hazardous products. To prevent theft, vandalism and even terrorism we continuously identify and analyze all potential security threats.

Security of Our Facilities

Each company has implemented adequate counter-measures to secure the security of our facilities in line with the local, individual security risks. The measures comprise fencing, camera surveillance, motion detectors and access-control systems.

All company-owned and chartered ships on international voyages are in compliance with the regulations of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Data Protection

The technological developments of our time are accompanied by an ever-growing amount of data files and their interlinking. Besides the undisputed advantages, this also brings new risks. In accordance with our idea of integrity and social responsibility (see also Marquard & Bahls Code of Conduct), we give a high priority to the protection of personal data – regardless of whether it is customer, supplier or employee data, or in which country the data are used.

Because technological, national and international regulatory conditions are subject to continuous development, we see it as our task to keep developing our risk management and hence our security measures in this connection just as continuously.

Due to the increasing relevance of social media in business and the associated risks for privacy and other rights, we have, for example, developed the Marquard & Bahls Social Media Guideline.